RV, Boat, and Auto Storage in Abbotsford

Whether you are concerned about keeping your vintage car in top form or you have an extra car with nowhere to park it, we can help. We understand that an automobile left outside for extended periods will leave the vehicle at risk to damage from all kinds of factors, including UV radiation, rain, hail, and wind.

Car Storage

We are happy to provide a number of units that allow for easy vehicular access, so that you can store cars, trucks, jeeps, motorcycles and boats, ensuring your investment is protected from environmental elements. Whether you plan on leaving your vehicle with us over a long period or just want to store it temporarily while you’re on an extended vacation or during a season, we have options that will suit your needs.

RV Storage

We know that certain city ordinances and strata associations can make parking your recreation vehicles outside your home nothing short of a hassle. That is why we offer outdoor storage spaces large enough to fit your family’s vacation home!

Boat storage

Many strata associations have restrictions on parking trailers or boats in driveways. Unfortunately the other parking option for them—marina storage—is quite expensive. That is why we offer boat storage solutions that are large enough to contain your boat, trailer, Jet Ski, and fishing gear. While you may have a few options for boat storage, keeping it in our self-storage facility will be your most economical and best option.

Motorcycle storage

When you’re not riding, you can keep your treasured motorcycle in our indoor storage facilities, alongside your other seasonal items.

Getting your vehicle ready for storage

We highly recommend that you clean your vehicle thoroughly inside and outside, as well as to change the oil and other fluids and remove the battery if you intend to leave it for more than 30 days. All vehicles should be stored with as little gas in the tank as possible.