Storage Units

Self Storage allows you to store your belongings; whether personal, household or business, in an individual unit. The storage space you require depends on what and how much you intend to store.

It could be anything from several boxes to an entire household of furniture, a commercial load of inventory, or even a motorcycle. At Protec, we understand that everyone’s needs are different. We offer an assortment of storage unit sizes, so you only have to pay for the space you need.

Additionally, we understand that many people find it hard to determine the size of storage they need… that’s why it’s so important to reach out to our storage specialist to help you choose the accurate size for your belongings.

Finding the correct size

Our storage specialists are available extended office hours to help you take inventory of the items you want to store, and make a recommendation based on their experience in the industry. Once you know the type and size of the space you need, simply reserve it and move in whenever you are ready.

Units are available from 25 square feet to 300 square feet, so you can be sure to find a unit that fits your budget.

Need help finding the right size for your stuff? Below is our unit size guide to simplify the process of finding the most appropriate size for your storage needs:

Self Storage Unit Sizes

Size (ft)
Square Feet
5 x 5
25 sqft
Equivalent to a standard sized closet. Some furniture, possibly a small bachelor apartment.
5 x 10
50 sqft
Items for a one bedroom apartment or condo.
10 x 10
100 sqft
Two bedroom apartment or condo (without appliances) or half of a full-house.
10 x 15
150 sqft
Two or three-bedroom condo or town house (without the appliances) or a small home.
10 x 20
200 sqft
Equivalent to a single car garage, can fit a full three-bedroom home.
10 x 25
250 sqft
Full three-bedroom home with appliances, or four-bedroom home (without appliances).
10 x 30
300 sqft
Four-bedroom home with appliances.