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How Safe is Self-Storage?

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How Safe is Self-Storage?

The answer to the commonly asked question “how safe is self-storage?” depends on the facility where your belongings are being stored. This is because some self-storage facilities are designed to provide a higher level of security than other storage facilities. At Protec Storage, we understand how important it is to choose a self-storage facility that offers the latest security features.

Important Self-Storage Security Features

When choosing the right self-storage facility for your belongings, it is important to find out what security features the facility has. Some of the most important self-storage security features to look for include:

Digital Surveillance System

Digital surveillance systems should be set up to record any activity on the property, 24 hours a day. Make sure to ask your self-storage provider what kind of surveillance system they are using. Surveillance systems that store video digitally tend to offer better quality footage when compared to surveillance systems that store the footage on tape.

Electronic Access

A secure storage facility will have some sort of electronic access system, such as fobs or password protected access systems that require employees and customers to enter a unique access code at the gates and doors. These security measures can help minimize the number of people who are able to enter the property.

Well-Lit Areas

Make sure to choose a self-storage facility that has proper lighting that is always lit or is motion activated throughout the building and on the property. Facilities that have proper exterior lighting will deal with less issues related to trespassing and theft.

Well-Maintained Property

Since thieves will often take advantage of a property’s vulnerabilities such as a damaged fence or a broken keypad, it is important to choose a storage facility that has a well-maintained property and is able to address any issues as they arise. Facilities that lack the proper resources or are understaffed are more susceptible to theft.

Proper Employee Protocols

Reputable self-storage facilities will have set employee protocols in place that will help ensure that the facility is as safe as possible. These employee protocols can include only allowing an authorized manager to have a spare key to your storage unit, as well as daily facility checks to ensure that all units are locked and secure.

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